All About Me

Hi! I hope you guys like my blog and here is a little bit about me. I am a point guard in basketball. I love pandas ( obviously) and hermit crabs. I live in Texas, and have lived here all my life. Hope y'all enjoy!

Friday, March 21, 2014

My B-day

 My b-day is on March 25. Right now it's March 21. My b-day is on Tuesday!!! I'm so excited. My party is going to be at Main Event the Saturday after. My friends and I are going to go bowling and I really hope I can get as close as I can to getting a basketball cake. I will be 9 years old. Mark your calenders ! Kidding you don't have to.

basketball season

 I know that I already made a post about basketball season, but that was about my dad's basketball season.This is about MY basketball season. My first game is tomorrow and I'm really excited. I can't wait until my 2nd basketball season starts.YAY!
  My team is the Wisconsin Badgers and there is one girl on my team from last year. So, I'm excited thet I getto make lots of new friends. My number is 14. Last year it was 3. So taking my number from last year and putting a desimol in between my number last year and  this year you get 3.14. PI. My dad tought me that.
 I can't wait to go and play basketball this season. With hard work and practice I'll be even better than I was last year. Wish me luck!