All About Me

Hi! I hope you guys like my blog and here is a little bit about me. I am a point guard in basketball. I love pandas ( obviously) and hermit crabs. I live in Texas, and have lived here all my life. Hope y'all enjoy!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

new jersey... new neibors.

 New kids moved into the neiborhood. Thier names are Stephanie and Tim. We like to play with outside. They are really nice  neibors to have. They go to a different school called Kilpatrick ele. I bet it is a really nice school. They came all the way from New Jersey. They barely missed the snow by a inch. It is amazing . I have never been there before. We are great friends . Whenever one of us is outside playing the other goes out too;  I like playing with them. They make great friends. (;