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Hi! I hope you guys like my blog and here is a little bit about me. I am a point guard in basketball. I love pandas ( obviously) and hermit crabs. I live in Texas, and have lived here all my life. Hope y'all enjoy!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

football and basket ball... its back!!!

   Well, looks like sports is back. High school basketball season is about to start and my dad is a high school basketball coach so I won't be seeing him a bunch at home. So I'll miss him all fall. Ha, all fall. Anyways, and it is already high school and pro. football season. Sports is back!!!
     My dad is going to be gone a bunch because of high school basketball season. He will be coaching practice and games and be coming home late because of that. I will miss him a lot.  At least I will see him on Sundays and about 6:00 every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Man!!!
   Professional football has now started and my family is pretty excited. we are always ready for Sunday night football. Especially  when the cowboys play.  Be prepared. It's sports mania!!! Above is a video  of the Buffalo Bulls vs. Miami Dolphins.

P.S  (we don't really care about these teams).